Find the Silent killer in Your Sales Process

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We all know there’s much, much more to selling than simply making sales

don’t we?

So how would you feel if you found out that most of the sales made in your business are defective?

Defective – what does that mean?

It means bad news for your business! Defective sales come in many shapes and sizes and impact a business in many ways. They are well disguised, hard to identify and always destructive!

Defective sales damage your brand, increase your costs and severely limit your growth and success and, here’s the really bad news; you may never know your sales are defective – until it’s far too late!

But, there’s also good news! There’s a simple indicator of this hidden business killer, which when focused on, will change defective sales into Highly Effective Sales, producing the most powerful route to long term business success!


Highly Effective Sales

The Power Your Business Needs!  

High Quality sales!

Reduced costs!

Minimised complaints

Simplified processes!

Maximised bottom line!

What I Can Help You With

Troubleshooting Sales Challenges

Diagnostic processes to remove sales teams’ blockages and return peak performance in both quality and volume.

Sales and Executive Coaching

Working with teams and individuals to guide and motivate them to maximum results. On-line or in-company.

Building new teams

For new product launches or sales force expansion

Reviving Sales Teams

Fresh strategies, new techniques and renewed motivation.

Design and Deliver Courses

Bespoke sales courses designed around specific requirements.

Expanding into new territories

New sales teams established and trained anywhere in the world.

In-house sales and leadership workshops

Retrain and reinvigorate your sales teams in your company setting.

Non Exec. Director

Non-executive board presence to guide and advise towards maximum company-wide customer/client interaction quality.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin

What people say

“Our future success will mainly be thanks to you!”

I am just out of an intensive 4 days consultancy session with Will, and I must say I am still in awe of what he has been able to teach my partners and I in such a short span of time. He came to our business, and right away knew exactly what needed improving. He managed to explain it to us in such a simple way, with real life examples and nice metaphors. He answered all our real life business questions, gave us processes to overcome them and helped guide us with personal development techniques. Finally, he designed with us an action plan, with step-by-step directions. We will never thank you enough Will for helping us grow our business. Our future success will mainly be thanks to you.

Salwa Lhachimi

Directrice Associee, BOXCOM

About Will Offen


He has influenced thousands of individuals in hundreds of businesses in a career spanning over 40 years and more than 50 cities and countries throughout Asia, Africa, USA, and Europe. As an Advisor, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Will is totally committed to helping people achieve work, business and personal success. With this aim, he has developed simple but remarkably powerful strategies and techniques that create growth and consistency, ensuring long term business and individual results.

He is the author of, ‘Be Highly Effective’ available as an online program and in-company workshops.

Will is originally from the UK and now lives in the Algarve in southern Portugal.


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